How it Works: FAQs

Q. What services do you offer?

COLLEGE SELECTION ADVICE Developing a list of ideal colleges and universities based on your academic interests, personal interests, geographical requirements, campus lifestyle and other requirements.

APPLICATION PREPARATION Advice on filling in all parts of the application. Developing your application themes. Selecting teachers to write recommendations.

Essay Evaluation and Feedback Guidance on personal statements and all application essays.

PERSONALIZED PLANNING CALENDAR Scheduling your SAT or ACT exams. Week-by-week calendar with deadlines for essay drafts and recommendations, review of application materials.

TEST PREP COURSES Courses in Math, Critical Reading & Writing offered during the academic year.

Assistance with College Contacts and Visits Helping you make the most of Visits, Open Days, College Fairs

Q. How do you work with clients?

We offer a personalized, one-on-one service to our clients. After an initial meeting, we will put together a plan that suits your child's needs and schedule.

Q. What are your fees?

We offer a two-fold fee structure. You choose either hourly fees or a package. Your choice will depend on how much time you have to prepare for college application deadlines and on which services your child needs. A package of services would include all of the above services or you can choose which services you require and pay hourly. Please contact us to get an estimate or to discuss or services and fees.

Test Prep courses and Morrisby testing are billed separately at the time of booking.

Hourly fees are payable monthly within a 30-day billing cycle. Package fees are payable in advance after the initial consultation.

Q. When should we be meeting with a consultant?

To maximize flexibility and planning, we recommend a meeting 18 to 20 months before graduation from secondary school.

If possible, we recommend an initial meeting much earlier in your child's secondary school career, i.e. three to four years before graduation. An early consultation at that time can go a long way toward planning for college.

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