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SAT I or ACT Exams are required by most colleges and universities as part of the application. Some schools also require SAT II or "Subject Tests." The tests are held several times during the year and students may take the exams more than once. For local test dates and registration, visit: www.collegeboard.com for the SAT or www.actstudent.org for the ACT.

A test preparation course can help you increase your score by allowing you to become familiar with the exam, including its format and style. Practice tests ensure that you understand the timing of the test and test preparation techniques will enable you to approach the test calmly and with confidence. Students outside of the U.S. may find SAT/ACT preparation particularly useful, since they are unlikely to be covering SAT/ACT-style questions in their normal curriculum.

We offer preparation workshops for SAT 1 and ACT exams in Geneva and Vaud several times throughout the academic year.

For schedule, costs and further details of our workshops, click on the link below:

SAT/ACT workshop information

Most students whose first language is not English, or who are studying in a language other than in English, will be required to take a test of English as a Foreign Language, such as TOEFL or IELTS. We can provide tutors to help you prepare for these exams if necessary.


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